In the 17th century Hohenlohe was ruled by the Duke and Prince families. During these days Hohenlohe had already developed the idea of vineyards on the hillsides to grow, thus to make better use of the radiance of the sun for the grapes.

The first wines were so good, so once a law was passed to the people: "You have to drink this noble brew yourself - to the benefit of the region and our offspring. Who brings these fine wines themselves or through couriers out of the country, each is sentenced to a punishment of 20 lashes stick. "

Since that time, the secret wine recipe was always given to the next generation. The law is long gone into effect. However, since the income levels of these specially grown Hohenloher wines were too low, you have continued the tradition and to date these excellent wines are not brought out of the country

The Hohenloher Toskanateam has dedicated itself to the old tradition in the region HOHENLOHE and get these noble wines of posterity.